30 Dec 2018 00:22:40
So with the Chelsea duo and Wanyama being the only midfield targets mentioned (with the exception of Medel), are we looking to bring in a premier league proven midfielder in January? These players don’t come cheap at this time of year.

1.) 31 Dec 2018
31 Dec 2018 16:31:56
How much is Medel going to cost and why the actual F ain't we all over the 5 years younger Elneny like a rash for only a million or so more?

2.) 31 Dec 2018
31 Dec 2018 19:18:27
There's the over 30's we insist on buying every transfer window why oh f-----g why do we do it every time NASRI now MEDAL IMO well past their sell by date but we just can't help recruiting old players who are just looking for a final pay day I hope they both prove me wrong but I'd like a small wager that NASRI upsets a player or management team . COYI.

3.) 31 Dec 2018
31 Dec 2018 19:42:04
The manager is the one bringing him into the fold. He knows him well and I’m sure he’s smart enough to know wether or not it’s a good idea.
Those at the club are a lot better placed and have the requisite knowledge to make the decisions needed. He’s something we need and he’s proven to produce it.

Who do you suggest we go for instead?

Give a kid a chance and hope for the best? Try someone from the championship for 10 plus million in this window?

At this moment in time it’s a no-brainer to take him.

4.) 31 Dec 2018
31 Dec 2018 20:44:41
I'm sorry, but Gary Medel is a much better player than Elneny. Yeah, he's older but one of the best natural defensive midfielders around. I think it'll be a real coup for you guys if you get Medel. Peace from a Liverpool fan.

5.) 01 Jan 2019
01 Jan 2019 12:37:43
Not sure about someone from the Championship - we’re still a bit stung by Hugill.

Nasri is an absolute no brainer on the six month deal, especially:

1. With our injuries
2. If his max salary is based on appearances and performance

As for other reinforcements, put our trust in MP and Husillos - if they want to wait until the summer, that’s fine. I still think we’ll finish top 10.

Alternatively they might pull a January rabbit from a hat.

All in all though, after the start we had this season, I’m just relieved at where we are in the table.

6.) 01 Jan 2019
01 Jan 2019 23:22:07
Interesting about the Championship this time last year we were talking about Maddison but were told he wasn't worth the money and he went to Leicester look what's happened their in the end we paid nearly £10M for Hugill he hardly ever came off the bench let alone get a start now at Middlesborough and his hardly setting the world alight

Just shows what poor scouting does for you or is it good scouting but very poor decision making.

7.) 02 Jan 2019
02 Jan 2019 08:19:18
Hi Merceri

I think Hugill was an insurance buy at the time, we were in not a good position and could have dropped, which as he was banging them in at the time in the Championship I feel we were covering bases in case.