01 Oct 2018 08:45:30
Well Well Well, it looks MP has finally got his system right and the players to carry out his plan. I was as many on his back and thought it inevitable the writing was on the wall for him and his staff, perhaps DS can use the compo money put aside for MP and his staff and pay Rice what he is worth.

I thought Fabinski was brilliant, he looked safe and assured, as was most of the players.

Have we employed a surgeon does any one know?, It looks like Zabba and Nobbs have both had leg transplants there were brilliant Rice is getting better and better and Arnie was superb leading the line.

A personal apology from my end to MP as I honestly thought he had lost the plot, congrats to those on here that did say give him time and stuck to their guns.

We now look like we have a system and we ARE looking good, i'm not getting carried away but this season maybe we can use to bed in with this new system, it will confirm to MP what players he can move on and more excitedly what new players to bring in to suit his style. could this be at last the move forward we were promised?

Before anyone shoots me down, i'm not getting carried away after 3 brilliant results, but I can see a style of how he wants to play for the future and it looks exciting. long may it continue.

1.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 10:54:57
Well said Warrington. I voiced my concerns a while back on this
Yay - We're brilliant, great appointment, great signings - excited
Then overnight
Rubbish - Manager is past it, terrible signings, sack everyone, usual Hammers doom and gloom again
Yeah of course I was worried after first few games, but I did really hope that it was really just a matter of time to settle down, find a system, lots of new signings from abroad etc.
Yeah as a Hammers fan I'm used to false dawns and lack of ambition but also I have patience. Not got excited much since 1986, so I'm pretty easily satisfied.

2.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 13:47:55
Question of course now is where does Wilshire fit in after his injury?

3.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 14:26:58
I have to agree with you all, future looking exciting however my worry now is that we have had a few more long term injuries so look pretty exposed if the likes of Rice, Obiang, Noble get injured, any suggestions who you think would replace those three if they get injured.

4.) 01 Oct 2018
01 Oct 2018 17:54:03
I think Obiang and Noble doing so well infront of Dec is a blessing for us in terms of Jack. Firstly, we need more then two players who can play in those 2 CM positions to have a good season. Secondly, MP seems to have settled for a NATURAL DM in a 3 man midfield, which is perfect for JW to flourish, as it has done for Noble and Obiang's games. Thirdly, he has genuine competition for his place now so he needs to motivate himself to get back in and then keep his place.
Im interested to see where Snodgrass plays in the future. Seems the wing is not quite right (pace? ), and we have some good yougsters there. Maybe a more central role where is effort (great vs UTD) and passing is well suited.
My worry is Sanchez injury, we could be screwed if Dec gets injured. Who else plays there? Zaba? Already proved Noble and Obiang cannot do it.
This 11 is looking good, but the punch comes when we get injuries. I want Lanzini back! Word goes out to Antonio, think he has been better as a CF than on the wing, he is physically a handful there and was lucky not to have 2 vs Chelsea.

5.) 02 Oct 2018
02 Oct 2018 08:04:09
Its all about a squad Nickinho, its inevitable that injuries will occur and missed games through yellow cards accumulation but as I mentioned above MP seems to have a certain way of playing as in a system and style,

You could even see that about the way the fringe players played against Macclesfield, ( i'm not talking about the result or how low MACCS are i'm talking about a tactical system on how the players were playing) so he must be involving all players on the training pitch and drilling this system in

We will have to see how we react when we need to replace a player . but we do have good players and will flourish under MP, this season for me is a bed in, let's get our feet under the table and than maybe next season start really to push and see where we go.

We are going to drop points against so called lower teams, we may get hammered against a couple of teams BUT we are starting to have a way of playing and this has been evident in the last 4 games, I am a little excited for the future now,

I honestly can not believe i'm typing this, 3 weeks ago I was having sleepless nights of Big Scam coming back :~)

6.) 03 Oct 2018
03 Oct 2018 12:09:47
That could be a master stroke ZABALETTA at CDM or MASUAKU or FREDERICKS could play there if desperate. COYI.

7.) 03 Oct 2018
03 Oct 2018 12:52:47
Sorry Whorya, but Masuaku cannot defend, great going forward but as a defender your first job is to defend. He just cannot defend!

8.) 03 Oct 2018
03 Oct 2018 14:36:43
It is so tough to have a top quality squad of players these days, with strength in depth in all positions, especially for teams outside the top 6, funds are just not there given the huge fees on players and agents these days. Credit goes to the managers when they get the balance right. What is more important, a stand out player at £40m who could be hit and miss, or even get injured, or a decent squad of players to compete with each other? I suppose it depends on the base squad you already have, and the total funds you have, but it is a tough balance to get right each window.
To compare the cost of our "squad" of defensive players to Man City's, the total transfer fees we have paid for our whole defensive group of players (2xGK, 4xCB, 2xRB, 2xLB and 2xDM) is £61.6m (from transfermarket) . Man City paid £58.5m on Laporte alone! The total cost of our starting 11 vs Man Utd was £118m, while Pogba and Fellaini alone cost them £124m.
I think our transfer business this summer is proving to be great.

9.) 05 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018 09:31:34
Philmac, Regards your 1 October post,
where is Wilshere going to fit in after injury, my answer is, he simply won’t fit in anywhere and we honestly shouldn’t have had the problem as we shouldn’t have signed a crock! I have a very low opinion of him, a number on here rate him, I don’t, he’s his own biggest fan👎Thought I was in the minority, however looking for team news tonight, a related article by Tony Cascarino slated the signing saying "he was flabbergasted he was given such a lucrative contract given his poor injury record, he was a vanity signing, also WH have looked so much better without him and he is not suited to today’s Premiership standards due to fitness" etc.

Also he’s not the only ex pro to state that, our ex Dean Ashton had severe doubts about Wilshere, he was excellent maybe up to a couple of years ago, but not now, frightened to run and get tackled in case of affecting a reoccurrence! Massive waste of financial resources!

10.) 05 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018 16:34:28
Fair play Chelms, you have stuck by your opinion of JW. And as a Hammers fan I am sure you equally hope he proves you wrong and turns out great for us. What fan wouldnt.
Tony Cascarino was a bit unfair IMO. Saying West Ham have been better without him was a bit short sighted. Its true that we have been better since his injury, but unfair to suggest the improvement was because of Jack's absence. In those first 4 games NONE of the players (with the exception of Fabianski) were particularly impressive, and all the players were tactically adjusting and getting to know each other. People layed into Rice after the Liverpool game when he played DM, look at him now. I hope/ think Jack will be equally as good or even better than Noble and Obiang so long as Dec continues his fine form in DM.

11.) 05 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018 17:09:46
Nickino, that’s a very fair and honest assessment you have posted, you must be a very fair and patient man👍I don’t think it at all fair myself when well known personalities hang others in public knowing that possibly millions will read them, hopefully my own comments on JW is only read by a very small amount of people. As you say I would love JW to make me look a real mug and turn into a great signing🙈🙈will be nervously watching tonight hoping we can carry our form over to the Amex stadium tonight👍COYI⚒⚒⚒⚒.

12.) 06 Oct 2018
06 Oct 2018 11:59:05
I said if desperate John regarding masuaku mate.