25 Sep 2018 12:27:58
Any info on the Rice situation Mike? Don't put too much stock on what I read in the papers.

1.) 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 14:22:24
WH. Are in fact trying to tie him to a long term deal 5/ 6 years. But they are going to have to pay realistic. Money IRONMIKE.

2.) 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 15:06:01
We won't keep him for 12k if that's true, championship players get more. I know he's a kid, but some kids at other teams are on a lot more. Would 20k be realistic?

3.) 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 15:25:39
Around 30 k would be realistic for me he’s got to be a future captain surely IRONMIKE.

4.) 25 Sep 2018
25 Sep 2018 16:43:45
I. thought 30k myself and went with 20k as a conservative estimate as I didn't think many would agree with 30k. haha. He's a first team starter so should be paid as such, maybe somewhere in between 20 and 30 with a good incentive payment plan, appearances, international caps etc and the usual win bonus, clean sheet etc etc.

5.) 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 08:23:35
Personally, I think all footballers are paid too much. £12k a week is still £624k a year which is INCREDIBLY good money, in fact he would earn the UK average ANNUAL wage in 16 days.

However, I get the fact that in today' market, £12k is a bit of an insult when you compare his salary to others in the squad.

In a dream world, I'd put all footballers on a basic ANNUAL wage of say £100k and then heavily boost their earnings with performance related bonuses. It'll never happen, but still. It would certainly put the fire in the belly of all footballers and make then determined to win.

6.) 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 09:01:26
In todays Dream Fantasy World of players wages is £30k enough? a week for such a prospect and as Mike said maybe future captain

30k for 5 year contract works out at £7.8m ( yes I know its a dream world for us all but that the reality of football), playing devils advocate if he continues to improve at the rate he is going by the end of next season ( I think his contract is up) he will be worth in excess of £30m absolute minimum especially if he decides to play for England and Southgate does love a young player.

If he breaks into the England squad his stock goes up and would imagine he could command a £3m signing on fee at least on a free transfer, and there after would effect command at least 70k a week for a 5 year contract as he would still be only 21.

So within a 1.5 years of letting his contract run down he could be at a top club earning £18.2 m over the contract with a nice little £3m in as a sweetener. that's treble what it would be worth at Westham.

Obviously i'm being very very cynical thinking the player and he's agent would think like this but if he continues to shine and get media attention that would be reality, my bet he is going to be a top top player, his still learning but his learning quickly.

Give him 50k a week 6 year contract with incentives along the way of his contract as if if he continues to shine he gets a incrimint each season.

I know some will shoot me down as its a risk giving a young player 50k and 6 years and if he bombs out we lose out, BUT I would take the gamble as a no brainer, the longer this drags on the longer other scouts start to look and maybe turn his head.

7.) 26 Sep 2018
26 Sep 2018 11:36:30
I agreed with you Warrington - Did anybody else hear Jamie Carragher on talk sport supporting Rice's decision to decline the 12k contract?

Now I bloody hate Carragher but I absolutely agree with him - Home grown players who come through the academy seem to be punished for doing so. If rice was a foreign player who had been signed last season, with the performances he put in last and this season - he'd be on 50k+ easily. Diop is 2 years older than him, unproven in the prem, but I bet he's on 50-60k.

Get him tied down to a 50k contract - he's fit, he's keen, bags of ability and I think he will be our future captain, I have absolutely no doubt about it. Letting him go would be an absolute calamity. D&S Get it down.

8.) 27 Sep 2018
27 Sep 2018 04:31:57
I think 20k plus 10k appearance money is a much better structure than a straight 30k.