04 Aug 2018 10:15:43
Does anyone know what is going on with the Maia bid as it has gone all quiet on this one now. Looks a big talent and well worth going for could be a star in the future.

IF we get Maia personally would sell Obiang to take Struaro or RLC on loan. That would be two upgrades Maia for Kouyate and Struaro/ RLC for Obiang. Not sure how much is in the wage budget but the potential Bernard and Meraga deals are exciting. Not sure if we have the money for all 4 (Maia, Struaro, Bernard and Marega) would be outstanding if we did but would need to sell the below to possibly fund;

Byram 5m
Snodgrass 10m
Obiang 10-15m
Hugill 7m
Oxford 14-18m
Youth loans 1-3m cumulative fee

Admittedly those fees are probably aspirational but would be about right in todays market.

1.) 04 Aug 2018
04 Aug 2018 12:26:24
I don't understand how oxford is worth so much? What has he done? How can he be worth more then someone like Obiang. If he was so special why can't he make the bench.

2.) 04 Aug 2018
04 Aug 2018 13:31:07
Oxford still has huge potential which he could fulfil and young talent is always at a premium, and was what we have asked before. Personally I would sell Obiang for the same as Oxford, but based on the money offered and what we have accepted the fee is a reflection of that.